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Working with teams to solve core issues

Organisational Harmony offers a diagnostic questionnaire that measures the politics and values occurring in a team. The things that get in the way of people doing their work and the the things that create safety, inspiration and contribution in a team.

The survey results tell us where the most important areas are to start. We then unleash freedom of expression with leaders and teams and solve the core issues. 

For an organisation to be in a state of harmony, we need an increase in honesty, integrity and social and a decrease in sycophancy, manipulation and inequality.  Working to get these behaviours right allows for an organisation to be in harmony.



The Team Harmony Survey 

The Team Harmony survey measures six dimensions

For an organisation to be in harmony teams require high levels of Honesty, Integrity and Social and

low levels of Sycophancy, Manipulation and Inequality.

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Purposeful, accountable, radiant and 

fulfilled teams


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