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Selection by Invitation

Personal Growth

The consultant can display continued application of personal learning in their life and are authentic and are clearly demonstrating a desire to fulfill their purpose.

Professional Experience

Organisational harmony requires the ability to hold your own in the face of politics, manipulation and skepticism.  Who you are is more important than your years of experience.  Industry experience is not crucial. But is a reasonable substitute for depth of team dynamic experience.

Business Development 

With high targets, the principals will invest time in supporting success for individuals. This means they must be committed to actively seeking out clients and developing their own business in this work.


Selection Approach & Values Alignment

Coaches are carefully selected through interview.
Coaches will understand the expectations of delivering the work and self generating opportunities. 

Training & Accreditation

Coaches are trained in the artful ways of debriefing the tool, with an emphasis on practice and feedback – while learning how to surface deeper issues, limiting thought patterns, and plans of action, they receive in the moment feedback from their peers and experience deeper insights about their own growth. This session has the added benefit of building confidence in the personal and organisational tools as people start to feel and see the stretch that is possible.  

Coaches are also given support in how to position the diagnostics, open and close the debrief and answer common questions. 
 - Trusting your guidance; not believing the client, speaking the truth, unearthing patterns in families, and the workplace.
 - How to identify who is a suitable candidate for the tools, connecting outcomes with purpose and how to identify who is NOT your client.
 - Disciplines in approach, running your business and setting up for success.

Annual accreditation ensuring further growth and skill development is a requirement.

Course Dates


Course Fees

Course Fee ​​$1500 (inc GST) payable in full before commencement

Course Facilitation and Provision

Training in the Organisational Harmony Team Survey is facilitated by Principals, Olivia White, Sonia Tallarida and Founder, Ian Rogers. ​​


The coach leaves aligned and focused with resources to support their ongoing journey.  


This includes - 

 - Training program and workbooks and handouts
 - Ongoing short webinars to embed learning and deepen understanding of values
 - “done for you”social media and marketing plan (optional) to engage prospects
 - Refresh mentor packages 
 - Access to other specialty training, such as development workshops, readings, healing, meditations, spiritual counselling and conferences.



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