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Working with leaders to create change for growth and fulfilment

Unlike standard coaching, our values based coaching rapidly identifies the leader's readiness for the shift. Our coaches engage, provoke and observe. We are here to highlight what is hidden, not reinforce what was already known. 

The personal values coaching approach includes a diagnostic and debrief.  Where a team is working with organisational harmony, it is highly beneficial to also work with personal harmony. This approach generates rapid commitment to change, or clarity about the individual's place and role in the team. 

Natural leaders have an innate desire to grow and seek fulfillment for themselves and those around them. Although the desire exists it is not always clear how to do this...

Change can only occur if the leader is ready themselves to make change.  When we work with leaders, we bring to light their behaviours and beliefs that enable and disable change in themselves and their teams.  We also encourage honesty within themselves – am I really ready to lead this change and do I have the skills to manage the change? 

Teaching leaders how to lead

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Personal Harmony Coaching

Personal Harmony reveals the core values and personal values that an individual holds and lives by, providing deep insights.  The reports reveal a true picture of an individual and their potential for personal growth and professional development.


Since a person’s values form the basis of their beliefs, attitudes, how they live their life and who they are at work, a values-based assessment is critical in gaining an accurate picture of a person, as opposed to the image or identity they choose to present. Our questionnaires reveal their deepest motivations and underlying values.


Our coaching then turns those insights into actions that can improve how a person feels at work and how they do their work. People will then operate from their values and be clear and purposeful in what they are doing and why. 


Through the coaching they will set  goals to be reviewed and re-tested to chart progress towards further development and tangible results.  Personality profiling tools like Myers Briggs Type Indicators assume no change based on growth. 


Personal Harmony results and their growth will clearly be seen over time.

Who are you?

Level One: A Core Values Report


A Core Values Report includes an assessment of eleven core values that define a person.

These key values are the foundation from which the outcomes (or lack of outcomes) in a person’s life will stem from.

These include; degree of honesty, accountability, ability to deal with fear and confront negative patterns, ego development,

level of self belief, judgement and level of personal harmony.

It opens the mind to how to think differently ,turn any negativity into positive thoughts, feelings and action and allowing more choice to maximise personal harmony and growth.


Level Two: Personal Values Report


A Personal Values Report supplements the Level One Core Values Report for deeper discovery, transformational growth and fulfilment. It explores ten further values which include;

 - Strength of character

 - Degree of independence

 - Level of wisdom

 - Adaptability

 - Degree of idealism

 - Passion

 - Need for deeper meaning

 - Level of personal values.


This report offers self discovery, meaning and purpose and a better understanding of where personal values are being applied or compromised.

It opens the mind to see the potential to break free of personal limitations and grow.



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