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Few people are personally fulfilled by going to work. For some it’s the work itself which causes this, for most, it is the work environment.


Outside of work people naturally seek to find happiness, fulfilment and love.   If they don't experience enough of these at work, eventually, people become demotivated, disengaged and less productive.  Even when this is recognised in organisations, people often don’t know what to do about it.


Policies and procedures rarely accommodate individuals’ need for growth happiness, fulfilment and love. Over time organisations have not incorporated these needs, without assessing the impact to their performance. Therefore, there is a need for the culture to be reset. This is the role of organisational harmony.


The removal of discord and the introduction of positive practices is what leads to organisational harmony. Organisational harmony enables people to feel an important contributor to the organisation and will see the organisation as a part of their world and society at large.

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